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Dedicated software teams

We build reliable, extensible and scalable
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Visuality is a business-driven full-stack software house. We have know-how and experience in creating high-quality products built from scratch and taking over already existing products.

We are your next technological partner that will take care of your business.

Audit / workshops

Our experts will run a complex audit of your product to verify the strengths&weaknesses of the code and offer you a proper solution.

When building an MVP you will participate in all-inclusive workshops that will help to define the business and technical structure of the application.


Our know-how allows us to run a precise estimation that will answer your doubts regarding the budget.

Visuality’s project managers will set-up all the necessary tools and build a complex backlog.

We will assign the most suitable engineers for your project.


Our team will work in bi-weekly sprints and communicate with you on a daily basis.

You will take an active part in sprints planning and decide about the next moves.

You will quickly see your product grow, receive progress and project health reports.

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5 stars on Clutch

5 stars on Clutch

Clutch is a professional portal with real, verified reviews. Visuality is one of the best software houses in the world in its technological niche according to the non-sponsored ranking.

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  • London, United Kingdom
  • #javascript, #prototype, #uiux, #flash, #overhaul, #accounting, #maths, #taxes,

Interactive models for professional accounting teaching based on the UK tax model

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  • Charlotte, USA
  • Ruby On Rails, PWA, thermal printing, IoT, web usb, sports-tech, management app, ongoing cooperation,

A fully comprehensive management platform for race organizers and participants with IoT functionalities

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Field agents management application

  • Austin, USA
  • react, redux, single page application, onboarding process, ongoing development, redesign,

An advanced web application that allows our clients to manage field workers.

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Mobile Application for grocery shopping

  • Asian Peninsula
  • api integration, mobile app backend, payments integration, scalability, mvp workshops, dedicated team,

Backend for high-traffic mobile app managing shopping and deliveries of grocery products integrated with external APIs.

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Analytics for Health Centers in the US

  • New York, USA
  • mvp workshop, data analytics, api integration, ux design,

Reporting and analytics platform tailored for US healthcare.

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Meet our crew

We have really great engineers

Sakir Temel


Engineer who likes to invent. Determined and passionate - IoT Enthusiastic.

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Mariusz Kozieł

Team Leader

Family guy. Team lead developer who likes challenges and never stops improving his own skills. Board games geek and professional angler.

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Nadia Ginalska

Senior Frontend Developer

Front-end developer plotting to put javascript *everywhere*. Passionate about German forrests and guinea pigs.

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Bartek Bednarski

Senior Graphic Designer

UX/UI designer with ability to choke you or break an arm - he’s a Brasilian Jiu Jitsu enthusiast.

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Michał Piórkowski


Former psychology and economics student. Passionate for amazing work culture and creating great products. Loves music.

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Sakir Temel
Mariusz Kozieł
Nadia Miętkiewicz
Bartek Bednarski
Michał Piórkowski

We work globally

USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Middle East, Japan and more...

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31 December 2019 12:23
When playing board games, I always try to improve my performance and find some clever way to beat my opponents. I love analysing, discussing and recalling past games to find the most useful strategy and see things that are not seen by other players. This allowed me to form a few simple rules that increase chances of victory — not only in board games but also in real-life activities.
1 December 2019 14:25
It was a pleasure to participate in the next exciting event. Last week in beautiful Gdynia the first HR Wave Conference called No-Bullsh**t HR took place. It was a great occasion to get to know how other companies face problems everyone copes with and how they organise their work and culture.