We are proud of our culture

When we started Visuality we were sure that we want to create something different. We knew that great design, solid development and project management would not do the trick. From the very beginning, we wanted to concentrate on people and quality. Now we can say we have successfully build an amazing culture over those 11 years. But why should you trust us? See what the members of Visuality say about us!

“There’re a lot of things that make Visuality amazing: awesome people, atmosphere of trust and openness, team’s unique sense of humor, and transparency - to name a few. But what makes it really stand out is that everyone is truly welcomed and feels accepted here. Different opinions, hobbies, lifestyles - are very much valued, making Visuality a place where you want to be.”
Diana Czarnecka
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“We are a great team, not only during working hours. Different passions, beliefs, personalities, catalysed with openness and kindness are a unique synergy that I experience here every day. It really makes me feel that I have finally found my place on Earth.”
Jarek Lubelski
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“I truly believe that working with people you actually like helps in building a great business. I think that the better you know your team members and the more you like each other, the better relationship you will have when it comes to business.”
Michał Piórkowski
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Proper company culture
is the key

Everyday work is unique here, at Visuality. Nevertheless, we try to make it even more interesting by organising extra activities. Once a month we put the projects aside and organise an investment day to make sure that we all learn something new. We go to conferences, mentor at workshops (RailsGirls - we love you!) and try to contribute to the coding world with our open source projects. We are also very involved in Ruby Community in Poland.