Warsaw, Poland

SnowShow tour operator platform

  • booking platform
  • payment integrations
  • document management
  • user management
  • api integrations

The most important tool for any big Tour Operator is a working system of customer management. Snow Show is the biggest organizer of winter trips for students in Poland. As it is expected from a leader, they decided to implement an efficient (and improving all the processes) system.

Services provided
  • Web UX/UI
  • Ongoing
  • Workshops

Soon after implementing the app, which is the best Alps vacation booking solution in Poland, SnowShow charted consistent 20% yearly growth. Visuality's custom, professional website gave the company a competitive advantage and allowed them to provide a superior experience for their customers.

Piotr Grabowski
Project Manager

Data migration

The first task was to ensure compatibility with the previous system. The client insisted on all the current data to be migrated while the process for the users should be significantly simplified.

Payment integration

A new functionality, unavailable so far, was the integration with fast PayU payments and the simplification of traditional money transfers. Thanks to this module Snow Show became one of the first enterprises in this branch, where advances could be paid within seconds.

Room and Bus allocation

Another functionality, which made Snow Show organizers love our company was the interactive user allocation – working both for rooms and busses. The use of a simple Drag & Drop mechanism was like hitting the jackpot and the intelligent grouping of befriended participants only improved the process.

Communication model

Snow Show is not only about unforgettable trips. It is also thousands of emails and SMS messages. All this, fully integrated with the system and ascribed individually to participants. This guarantees the highest possible standard of handling no matter who is the responder. Everything available within a mouse click. An additional attraction was the integration with the Fresh Mail system allowing to easily control mass sending of news and promotions.

Client satisfaction research

Each trip = hundreds or sometimes even thousands of people. Each of them has something to say – allowing the company to constantly improve the standard of services. This is why the client’s satisfaction research module was implemented into the system, allowing automation of post-trip surveys. Thanks to this no opinion will be omitted!

Statistics and forecasting

Each concluded season is an uncountable amount of data. Our system selects the most vital info showing basic statistics, and in the future, it will allow to forecast the speed of selling tickets or to accurately foresee the financial results.

Documents generation

For each trip organized there’s a ton of papers to deal with. Beginning from initial contracts and ending on the passenger’s lists for the busses. The system implemented by our agency allows in an easy way to generate all the required documents for printing or posting purposes. It guarantees a perfect control over formalities.

Discount system

Snow Show, after spending years on the market, managed to establish an advanced system of various types of discounts – from birthday discount codes to loyalty and group discounts. With the special offer model implemented, it is mostly automatic, but foremost – fully controllable and measurable!

Staff Management

Snow Show is not just about numbers of satisfied customers. It is also an uncountable staff. For them, the system has completely other functions – it easily allows to organize and improve their work. We’ve created a whole separate part of the system for the staff – now they can feel at work, like at home!


With such a great deal of events and participants (about 10 thousand per season) an important element of the work was the optimization of the system. Our programmers constantly care about the quality of the code, guaranteeing the fastest possible access to all features. After all we also travel with Snow Show and we don’t like to wait for the website to load :)

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