Frontend Developer

Warsaw, Poznan, Remote

We are looking for talented and ambitious frontend developers to join our company to work on challenging ongoing projects (some MVPs can also be expected time to time).

We work in small teams using Agile methodologies (mostly SCRUM) and work for clients from different time zones (+9h is possible). We focus on long-lasting partnerships with ongoing projects rather than short term cooperation with startups. We really focus on delivering quality solutions, quick and dirty is not an option most of the time and our clients do understand that. Apart from clients' projects we also spend time on our internal projects, tools and open source.

You should definitely talk to us if you have fairly good knowledge of computer science, web development and decent coding skills. You should be able to work on your own, know our best practices and deliver high quality code which is easy to understand and maintain.
You should be ready to supervise and mentor less experienced team members, estimate features and propose alternative solutions to encountered problems.

What do we require?

  • preferrably technical education (we hire software engineers mostly)
  • very good knowledge of HTML / CSS
  • very good knowledge of Javascript (ES2015+, Object Oriented Programming, functional programming)
  • good knowledge of computer science / programming
  • good knowledge of SASS / LESS
  • good knowledge of CSS compatibility issues and polyfills
  • experience with different styling solutions (CSS Modules, PostCSS, Styled Components etc.)
  • good knowledge of HTML related aspects (RWD, Accessibility, optimization techniques)
  • good knowledge of any JS framework (vue / angular / react etc.)
  • experience with state management patterns and solutions (e.g. Redux / MobX, NgRx, ember-data),
  • knowledge of any of JS testing frameworks (e.g. Jest, Jasmine, Mocha)
  • good knowledge of common build and automations tools (grunt / gulp / browserify / webpack etc.)
  • good knowledge of git
  • basic knowledge of Ruby and Ruby on Rails
  • very good english (we work with foreign clients only)
Features you should have implemented so far:
  • lots of pages with different page layouts
  • integration with UI components, form controls (auto complete selectors, phone inputs, text editors etc) with full responsive design
  • project with heavy use of jQuery or similar library
  • complex project written in any JS framework
  • complex integration with backend
  • integration with Asset Pipeline in Rails project
  • configured any build tool for the project

Your responsibilities

  • delivering new features
  • performing code reviews
  • sharing knowledge within the organization
  • expanding your knowledge and sharing the results via lightning talks and/or blog posts (we will mentor you in this)
10 000 - 16 000 net
B2B (other forms possible)
Warsaw, Poznan, Remote

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What we offer


Great open minded team and
superb work environment


Know-how to support your work
and guide you through career path


Private healthcare


OKSystem for sport


Great atmosphere (we party a lot
and get to know each other better)

Food & drinks

Fresh fruits, awesome coffee
(from local rosters) and more


Help in your visa arrangments
if you are not from Poland

English lessons

1on1 lessons with experienced teachers
guarantee fast progress


And everything You would need
to be happy working with us

We support the community

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