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Visuality is a high quality software engineering company.
We can build any HR Tech product
or take an existing one to the next level.


Meet Visuality - HR Tech experts.

HR-tech has always been a huge focus for us.

We are a team of professional software engineers and project managers. We are ready to create or take over any HR Tech software. We’ve build or enhanced all types of HR applications - talent management & acquisition, internal HR systems or time management solutions.

Since day one HR was the most important industry for us - with us being the patient zero. We’ve implemented most of the HR golden standards in our culture, hence whenever we are writing software for our clients we understand the business requirements profoundly.

Why Visuality should
deliver your HR software

HR Tech software HR Tech software

Business driven

Gathering and understanding business requirements has always been essential to us. We believe that knowing these complexities will allow us to create better products as your technical partners.

Team of experts

With an advanced recruitment process we are able to hire only the best professionals on the market. We focus on high quality and engineering approach which allow us to achieve your business goals quickly and efficiently.

HR Tech know-how

We’ve successfully cooperated with many HR Tech companies and delivered various leading solutions. Given that experience we were able to understand your product quickly and kick off the work very efficiently.

Enriching our

Thanks to our HR Tech experience and a vast network of companies and VCs we will gladly add additional value to your business. We believe that HR Tech is all about people and the community built around it is essential for your product to succeed.

London, UK

Digital Recruitment Company

This HR Tech project is a bespoke recruitment platfrom that aims specifically at hiring talent for startups and tech talents. Its advantage lies in a vast database of candidates with over 100 information fields that allows to make accurate, complex and fast queries. Granular information on every candidate reduces the length of the recruitment process and provides HR departments with specific and meaningful data at all times.

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“I’ve been managing Kandidate project since the beginning. HR Tech software requires focus and attention to detail. In the end your tool is used by specialists with very specific needs and they’re looking for a software that will suit all their business requirements.”

Wiktor DeWitte
Project Manager
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"Their team was able to turn our requirements into actual code, managing to do it in a precise way. They’ve added value by turning our vision into a functional web application. Their team has also given input that goes beyond code."

CEO & Co-Founder

London, UK

ZING Groups

HR Tech socialization platform

Avoid the pain of everyone talking at once. Or no-one talking at all. On ZING, you can have concurrent conversations within the same video call, so say goodbye to group video awkwardness and hello to natural conversations.

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“It takes less time to implement a PWA than a native mobile app, thus it’s a great option for startups that want to deliver a good mobile experience fast and at a reduced cost. When we implement new features and make improvements (especially in HR Tech), unlike with the native app, user doesn’t have to download any updates, they’re already there.”

Piotr Wasiak
Software Engineer
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"Visuality has done great work thus far, delivering a high-quality, functional communications solution. They manage the project well, keeping the internal team abreast of any changes or obstacles, and their communication is good. "

Matt Bittlestone
CEO & Co-Founder