At Visuality we believe in Open Source

From day one, we knew that work is just the beginning. That is why we strongly believe in doing something for the community - and the best way to do this (at least for programmers) is open source.

“Open Source is a game changer. It's like starting to swim in an ocean rather than a pool. In the beginning, you hesitate to be a part of that world, but when you make the first step you see how powerful and fun it is.”
Jan Matusz
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Proper company culture
is the key

Everyday work is unique here, at Visuality. Nevertheless, we try to make it even more interesting by organising extra activities. Once a month we put the projects aside and organise an investment day to make sure that we all learn something new. We go to conferences, mentor at workshops (RailsGirls - we love you!) and try to contribute to the coding world with our open source projects. We are also very involved in Ruby Community in Poland.