It is all about people
you work with

As a company, we have our best practices and guidelines to deliver the best work, but at the end of the day, it is PEOPLE who make it all happen. People who… oh, just read one of our posts:

Bartek Bednarski

Graphic Designer

UX/UI designer with ability to choke you or broke your arm - he’s a Brasilian Jiu Jitsu enthusiast.

We are proud
of Visuality culture

We have been building this business for more than 9 years trying to figure out what kind of company we would like to be and what kind of people we would like to work with. It took us some time but we know that we have created a culture which matches both our people’s expectations and clients’ needs. The culture based on positive vibes, excitement and hunger for knowledge and self-improvement. The culture which makes us who we are and defines how we work.

The key is to find a balance

So, we work, laugh and spend a lot of time together working on exciting projects. We remember that life is not only about work though. That is why we like to take a break from time to time and take part in the activities which can make us better as a team, both in terms of personal development and stronger friendships.