Happy new year

The passing year was long and rich for us with experiences, relationships, growth decisions and great projects with cool clients who became our friends. We grew and are still growing in many ways, but the most important is that we achieved our 3 key goals for 2015.

1. Build our own successful startup.

Magello is a SaaS solution for organising and selling trips and activities online. Soon it will be used also by ‘incentive’ organisers. We started a couple of months ago and Magello is going on like fire. We were awarded with the best innovative solution by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism of Poland and won the main award as the best solution for tourism in Tech Travel Awards 2015.

We have great developers, customer support and sales team. And… we’re just getting started.

2. Bigger, better and more comfortable office.

We’ve moved. We found a great place in one of the most recognisable districts in Warsaw - Mokotów. We adopted it to the best place You can work in. The house consists of three levels of great working space + basement and great garden cared by Gardenarium (google them and see why we are excited). Till now we have done there:

  • great coding - oh my, You should see how we do that(!),

  • product design for several startups,

  • classical orchestra rehearsals (The Crew - check them out),

  • barbecues in the garden,

  • COD Zombie killing - +100k kill count.

Just visit us. We will drink great coffee, eat fresh fruits, talk about Your ideas and start a workshop for You. :) You're always welcome!

3 Work worldwide.

Until now we have worked with startups and SMEs in every part of the world from US to Singapore. We have our friends in Oslo, Istanbul, Dubai, Helsinki, NYC, Stockholm… and the list goes on.

We hope for our clients and friends to grow their ides to the next levels, to develop their businesses and for our relationship to last forever.

Along with achieving 3 main goals we grew our team with another 10 best teammates and everyone stayed with us - people love Visuality the same we, founders, do. This is a really big deal to us!

Last, but definitely not least, we received two offers from companies interested in buying shares in our company.

What will the next year bring? I am really excited to find out - and you? In the meantime, I would like to wish you a fantastic new year! A lot of love, family life and good business relationships!

And you may wonder about the photo - why it is so dark? Apparently, Trondheim (where our biz developer Rafał currently is) does not get any lighter than this:)