Is Go Language the Right Choice for Your Next Project?

Go language is an open-source, cross-platform language developed by Google. Though it is not new, Google’s Go is one of the most talked-about languages today. Go was developed when there were so many versatile languages already in the market. And it is still facing fierce competition from Java, Python, and C#. So, will Golang be able to get its share of attention from the developers? Well, the survival of a language will depend on how widely it is used. Here are the benefits of Golang that will ensure that it doesn’t just stay, but will dominate application development in 2021.

Go makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software.

Developed after years of experience with different languages and their complications, Go has whatever a developer needs for easy coding. The Golang code is simple and easy to develop. The simplicity of code is crucial to the survival of any language. As the famous quote goes,

“Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute.” -Harold Abelson

Go software development

What makes Golang code simple? Well, there are so many things that Golang has, and there are those which it doesn’t. But, all of these make Go better than the other languages. The first example is, Go doesn’t have the concept of Classes; it instead uses Structs. So, the code is easy and error-free to modify. And, there is no concept of Inheritance in Golang either. As a result, the Go language has better readability. It becomes easy to modify the code as there is no Inheritance.

Moreover, Golang doesn’t have generics or templates, making the language simple to code and read. Also, Golang doesn’t have Exceptions. It has a different and better way of handling errors; after all, it was developed after years of experience with exception handling. Go has a smooth learning curve. If you are conversant with the concepts of application development, you can learn Go really fast as the code is easy and readable.

Auto Documentation

You can generate high-quality technical documentation from Go’s inbuilt tools. This is a big advantage for developers. Another useful feature of Go is the Godoc tool. Every developer uses comments to make the code more readable. When you use comments in your code comprehensively and adequately, Go will extract these comments from the application and generate your documentation.

Built-in Garbage Collector

As developers know, garbage collectors help in freeing the memory when it is no longer required to be used. So, manual memory management is not required. Though some developers complain of a lack of manual memory management in Golang, the garbage collector of Go is responsible for the excellent performance of this language.

Cloud Friendly

Cloud computing is a trend that will continue in 2021. The language that is great for cloud development will thus win the race over its peers. Go is one of these. Go development is very supportive of multithreading for the cloud. This helps greatly in multithreading systems and applications. Moreover, Go promotes the concurrency of a high level.

Go also has a fast compiler and so its compilation speed is also high. Cross-compilation is easy with the Go language. Golang software development offers easy scalability for cloud infrastructure. All these advantages make Go the preferred language for cloud computing. The major market players in the cloud, for example, Kubernetes & Docker, are using Go. Go’s popularity is thus set to increase proportionately with that of the cloud services.

IDEs for Go

Developers are always looking for hassle-free coding experience. And IDEs give them an environment with all the tools required for the development. As Java and C# are popular, they have so many supporting IDEs. But, how does Golang fare in terms of availability of IDEs? No Java developers, the absence of so many good IDEs, can’t be used as an excuse against the Go language. Google developed Golang, and so Golang cannot run short of supporting resources! Golang has many excellent IDEs such as Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ Idea, Android Studio, and a lot more.

Integrated Tested Tools

Go language comes with its testing tools, which are sufficient for different levels of application testing. The developers have access to a simple API that can be effectively used for profiling and testing. You can even add your own code samples to it. The inbuilt tools allow you to run parallel tests or skip tests. This embedded testing environment of Golang is too good to ignore, and often becomes a crucial criterion of selecting the language for development.

Goland Deployment Size

Golang binaries are concise, and the deploys are self-contained. So, it is convenient to deploy large Go applications, unlike the case with the other popular languages.

Why has Visuality chosen Golang?

Engineering approach

We believe in hiring engineers. In Visuality, our software engineers do not only code software. They help our clients to solve their business problems with complex IT solutions. Golang allows unleashing the potential for your business where it needs to perform at its peak.

Elite Golang Community

Golang is built by engineers with tens of years of experience with systems programming, web development, and networking. It is filling the market gap between rapid development and efficient software.

Cost-effective Development

High-skilled engineers, a well-educated community, and best practices in the market make the project development really worth every penny. Golang allows you to build software that is fast wherever time is money.

Long-term Viability

Supported by major companies and used world-wide in all parts of the IT market, Golang is here to stay and thrive.

Go software development


Wrapping Up!

Go continues the good features of the older languages, and the benefits of object-oriented programming such as encapsulation, message passing, etc. Moreover, Go has eliminated the problematic concepts that have haunted the developers of other well-known languages for years, including exceptions, classes, and inheritance.

As the Go code written in one OS can be compiled in another, whether you are building the application for Linux or Windows, you can use Go. Furthermore, developers can run Go code from PHP, and the opensource community loves it for this. Some do complain about the community support for Golang, which is not as vast as that of Java. But, community support is not weak, and it is growing!

Golang’s standard library helps to create complex applications without using third-party libraries. So, you don’t have to waste time trying third-party libraries for selecting those that match your needs. Nevertheless, all the troubles associated with third-party libraries are also avoided. What more do you want!

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