Ruby Meetups in 2022 - Summary

In December, Visuality hosted the last Miłośnicy Ruby Warsaw Meetup this year. We want to describe it quickly and provide the list of all presentations from Ruby meetups organized recently. And finally, we want to say “Thank you” for building the Ruby community in Warsaw together.


As traditionally, we gathered at 18.00 in our office in Warsaw. The first presentation by Mateusz Woźniczka was a visually stunning history of a pokemon trainer. Mateusz showed how to properly design a database for a professional Pokedex system, taking special care of database normalization. LINK

The following presentation started with a quick explanation of Cargo Cult (it still exists!). Krzysztof Hasiński listed many practices that are often copied from the biggest tech companies without realizing it doesn’t make any sense. Naturally, he proposed helpful solutions for them. LINK

Piotr Wasiak was the last prelegent. He discussed the problems he encountered when building the project in AWS Lambda. His insights are useful if you write Lambda in Ruby and use Lambda layers. LINK

There were also two lightning talks. Tatiana was talking about her problem in one of the projects and how she solved it without coding. Then, Piotr described the idea of code golfing and showed some weird code examples.

Exceptionally, discussions and foosball games afterward were accompanied by barszcz and pierogi instead of the typical pizza meal.

Past meetups

17th November

The second edition of Domain Driven-Design focused presentations:

Lightning talks:

  • Mateusz Woźniczka - How to deal with WLED.


20th October

More testing-oriented presentations:

Lightning talks:

29th September


Lightning talks:

25th August

First edition of Domain-Driven Design presentations:

Lightning talks:

  • Mateusz Woźniczka - DIY Smart Home

14th July

Very first edition:

Lighting talks:

You can read a more detailed summary here :)


As Visuality, we are really happy that Ruby meetups in Warsaw are resurrected. For half a year, our office has been regularly becoming a place for sharing development experiences, discussing interesting problems, and most importantly - building a Ruby developers community. Thank you fellows and see you next year!