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Fine feathers make fine birds

The UI/UX design is what your clients see and experiences every time they use your product. UX/UI design is the key factor for the user to find important information on your website and follow desired path to achievie higher conversion rates - which is essential for every business to grow.
At Visuality we believe that thanks to an impeccable design you will be able to gain trust, grow conversion rates and your clients satisfaction. Regardless of if it's a green-field or a mature well-known business, our designers will use their vast experience and bring the very best out of your product.

If you need to review your existing design, we will be more than happy to perform a precise design audit. You will learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your product. We will suggest the right course of action to improve your product and gain higher conversions of your interface. Just leave your email and we will get back to you right away.

No worries, we will not spam you and you can remove your address at any time:)

4 reasons for choosing
our UX/UI design team



Our designers have 10+ years of commercial experience in designing functional and flawless interfaces.


Thanks to the constant learning process and participation in courses and conferences, we apply the best practices to our designs.

We know
your business

Our designs are always business-driven. We understand your business goals and help you achieve high conversion rates with useful design.

Design tailored
for your industry

Through the years we have learned how to do research and how to customise the design to suit specific culturual or market needs. We've worked for most industries and regions around the globe.

How do we share our dedication
to profesional UX/UI design

Design tools we use in our UX/UI process



Adobe Suite




Web security software

Cyberus Labs

Cyber security system that makes traditional authentication methods outdated and obsolete. Safe from phishing attacks or identity theft, this application uses a unique audio signal technology to authenticate and protect the users in real time.

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“It’s a great satisfaction to see the client’s face when he sees the designs we prepared. It’s even a greater one when we see that it has impacted positively his conversion rates.”

Bartłomiej Bednarski
Lead Designer
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"Your true competition are not other companies, but client’s problems."

Katarzyna Szewc
UX/UI Specialist

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